Tips for working clean to make better food, and actually enjoying your meal

I guarantee if your kitchen looks like this, your food was; Not cooked properly, cold, orincomplete; something’s in the oven or in your refrigerator that should be on the table.

Disclaimer:  This is NOT my kitchen!   :0)

Some simple tips to working clean.

  1. When cooking a meal with multiple dishes (protein, vegetables, starch, starters), prepare the ingredients and organize by dish before cooking or assembling.
  2. Organize your recipes by cooking time and prepare accordingly. E.g., prepare the salad ahead without dressing and set it aside. Keep things that can be held warm in a warming drawer. Make sure things like fresh veggies are cooked right before you sit.
  3. Put items away after you use them—E.g. Pantry items, refrigerated items, etc.
  4. Wash kitchen equipment as you go. (extra credit; dry and put away!)
  5. If you use a dishwasher, make sure it’s empty when you start, fill it, and start it on a quick cycle when you sit down to eat.
  6. Keep wiping surfaces.  Put a teaspoon of bleach in a half-gallon of hot water in a mixing bowl.  Keep a dishtowel in the sanitizing solution and use it to wipe surfaces. Change the water as you go.  You will save trees (and money) by not using paper towels every time you need to wipe surfaces down.

If you follow these simple suggestions

  1. Your recipes will turn out like they’re supposed to.
  2. You will have everything ready when it’s time to eat.
  3. You will enjoy the meal a lot more knowing that the clean-up is minimal.